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Frequently Asked Questions

 General Site Info


Registering for Wolseley Express                                                               

Users will need to have a Wolseley Canada credit account to get access to Wolseley Express. If you have an existing credit account, here are the steps to get set up on Wolseley Express:

1. Go to wolseleyexpress.com
2. You will be redirected to a registration form. “Sign In/Register” to launch the login drop down menu. Select “I have an existing credit account with Wolseley”.
3. Fill in your customer information and choose ‘I accept’.

The form will then be sent to our credit team for processing and approval. Once approved –  an email will be sent with a link to login and set up your password.

Please note: Site registration requests can take up to 3 business days to process.

For inquiries regarding your request for registration on Wolseley Express please email our credit department at credit@wolseleyexpress.com.

Applying for a credit account with Wolseley Canada

Apply online today with our automated credit application or contact one of our regional credit contacts.

Regional Credit Contacts

Ontario & Atlantic 7 am to 6pm EST 1-888-419-9969
Quebec  7 am to 5 pm EST 1-800-557- 7331
BC, Alberta,
Saskatchewan, Manitoba 
6 am to 6 pm MST


Emails can also be sent to credit@wolseleyexpress.com for all credit and account inquiries.

Credit Status, Increases and Holds

Accounts which are in arrears or have exceeded their credit limit will be placed on credit hold and will not be able to proceed to check out of shopping cart. If you are receiving error messages or site restrictions due to credit issues you will not be able to complete an order through to checkout. Please contact your local credit office directly.

My Account


My Wolseley

My Wolseley is a personalized dashboard that allows yous to tunnel into account specific information. 

You can quickly access:

  • Orders
  • Web quotes
  • Draft Orders
  • Ordered Products
  • Upload a Spreadsheet
  • Download My Ordered Products
  • My Lists
  • Invoices
  • User Management
  • Switch Account
  • Switch Profile
  • Spend Snapshot


My Settings

You can manage your personal account settings in the ‘My Settings’ link found on the 'My Wolseley' page.
These settings are (some require user rights):

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Title
  • Type of Business
  • Shipping addresses
  • Special Shipping Instructions
  • Password
  • Communication
  • Language
  • Time Zone

Where is my account number?

If you need to reference your account number it can be found on the top right navigation, under your name. 

How do I change my account settings?

You can change any of your settings by:

  • logging into the ‘My Wolseley’ page and choose ‘My Settings’ or by clicking on your name in the upper right navigation and selecting My Settings in the user drop down.

A pop up window will appear and users can change any of the required fields and the select ‘Save Changes’. The settings will be reflected upon next login.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password two ways:

  • in ‘My Settings’ link found on the ‘My Wolseley’ page
  • or by clicking on your name in the upper right navigation and selecting “Change Password” under My Settings in the user drop down.



When logged in, pricing shown reflects pricing specific to your account. Should there be any discrepancy please contact your sales rep or branch.


Linked Accounts

How do I set up multiple accounts?
You are able to access and view all primary, ship to and linked accounts on Wolseley Express using the Switch Account feature. In order to activate these accounts you will need to contact your credit rep at the local regional number or email us at credit@wolseleyexpress.com.

How do I Switch Accounts?
The Switch account function lets you toggle within multiple accounts with a single login. Only users with multiple accounts linked to their profile will have access to the Switch Account function. The Switch Account link can be accessed from the My Wolseley Main page or from the account drop down in the header.  A Switch account pop up will be displayed.  The pop up will contain all of the linked accounts that you have access to.

I have multiple accounts, how do I sign into a specific one?
Your profile is set up with a single sign-in. After you login, you will be presented with a screen that list all of your accounts. Click on the appropriate account to proceed in that profile and you will be redirected to this account.

How do I Switch Profiles?
Only users with multiple profiles will have access to the Switch Profile function.  The Switch Profile function can be accessed from the user detail drop down of the header.  This can be found by selecting the drop down arrow beside the user name in the top right navigation. Select the “Switch Profile” link to cause the “Switch Profile” popup to appear.


Managing Users on your Account

Where do I set up additional users to my account?
As a primary Wolseley Express user with User Management rights you will have the ability to add multiple employees and manage their user rights to access specific areas of the site.  User Management can be found on the Account Management page. The Account Management page can be accessed from the “User Management” link on the My Wolseley page.

Please note – if an employee leaves the company it is the account owner’s responsibility to deactivate users from the account

What are the user rights on the platform?
These are the user rights on the platform that can be applied.

  • Prices: User can view the net pricing associated to this account. Can turn off pricing if you choose to not allow user to see pricing.
  • Cart: User will be allow to checkout and purchase items and use the draft order function
  • Invoice Gateway: User will have access to view invoices and statements and see account balance information. Usually for Accounts Payable person.
  • Express Lists: Users can access preformatted lists with our most common selling items.
  • Users:  Lets user add and manage other user rights 
  • View branch stock quantity: User will see stock inventory at their branch and any area branches that carry stock
  • Order Status: Ability to view orders and order history
  • Select Account: The Switch account function lets you toggle within multiple accounts with a single login.
  • Web Quotes:  See and be able to place order from quote
  • Switch Profile: External Users can create multiple profiles on their account and access with a single email address.
  • Switch Account: Users can access multiple ship to or job accounts from the platform within a single email address.  


My Orders

Users with rights to View Orders can view all current and past orders made online and at the branch. Users can quickly reorder products from past orders and track order status and orders can be searched by Order Number, Web Reference Number, Customer PO Number, Ordered By and Web Quote Number. Orders can be accessed from the ‘My Wolseley’ main page and drop down menu. Order history is saved for 2 years.

What happens when I place an order?

Each user has a dedicated profile that defaults your orders to ‘your shipping branch’ based on what was selected when you set up your profile. When you submit an order on Wolseley Express this order prints out at your default branch OR to a branch that you select in the checkout section. When the orders received at the branch, they are picked by an associate and will follow your required shipping and or pickup instructions. Orders can be:

- Shipped to your main address or shop

- Picked up at your default branch or branch you select

- Delivered to your jobsite or specific address

If you have any questions about your order, please call the branch where the order was directed or contact your sales rep.

Choosing a branch for pickup 
Users can choose to select a specific branch in the check out screen prior to placing the order for pickup.

Shopping Cart Items
Items you place in the shopping cart will remain in the cart when you log out of the site.


My Ordered Products

Is my order history current?
Yes orders are current when orders are placed

Backordered product
Orders will outlined what is back ordered what is allocated already to your order.

Cancelling an Order
Orders can be cancelled providing the order has not been shipped. If the order has been shipped then the order will have to be processed as a return. Contact your branch directly to request to cancel orders.

Inventory is entered in real time and you will see stock of area branches if they have the product in stock.

Why can’t I place an order?
If the shopping cart is not present on your account you either do not have rights to place orders or your account is not up to date. If there are account issues you will need to contact the regional credit office.



Delivery times
Delivery is Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm local time. Users can choose to deliver to your shop or jobsite and can indicate when filling out check out information.

Next Day Delivery
Items requested for next day delivery will be dependent on stock available at time of order. Items requiring this method of delivery will need to be confirmed with the branch and will need to be placed by XPM the prior day of business. 
Freight Charges
Freight charges will be calculated once order has been picked and processed. These charges will not be indicated on your Wolseley Express order, but will be added at time of final invoicing if applicable.

When will my order ship?
Orders will be picked and packaged at the designated branch location. Orders can be shipped partial or when all items are available to ship complete. Shipping instructions are to be entered in the final check out screen for shipping preferences.

Shipping restrictions
All orders placed on Wolseley Express are eligible for delivery within Canada only.

Shipping methods available
Contact your branch for details

How do I get proof of delivery?
Contact your branch for proof of delivery.

In-Store Pickup
Orders can be picked up at the default or chosen branch where order was directed. This method allows the user to place order at their convenience online, and save on shipping charges by picking up orders directly. This option can be selected when checking out from the shopping cart. 

Distribution Centre Pickup
Pickup is not available at the Milton Distribution Centre at this time.  



Products can be returned for account credit at the branch where the product was originally purchased. Items can be returned directly to the branch or you can call the branch to arrange for pickup. Restocking fees may apply depending on the size of the item. Please contact your branch for details.


Invoices & Statements on Invoice Gateway

Accessing Invoices and Statements from Wolseley Express
Wolseley Express users who have  Invoice Gateway rights are able to access the Invoice Gateway portal where they can view and print invoices and statements. Users can access the portal by selecting the “Invoice Gateway” link  under My Account on the ‘My Wolseley’ page or in the My Wolseley Drop down menu. Once on the portal users can

  • View invoices and statements from multiple accounts
  • Use search and sort functions to locate specific invoices and statements
  • Pull statements as needed
  • Choose multiple invoices to download into a single pdf
  • Export account information into various accounting packages

Please note: once you opt into receiving your invoices online you will no longer receive printed invoices or statements. Once your online account is activated your documents will be archived for up to 3 years for your reference.

For more information or questions about online invoices and statements contact our credit department at credit@wolseleyexpress.com or call us at one of these regional offices.

Ontario & Atlantic 1-888-419-9969
Quebec 1-800-557-7331
BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba   1-855-214-6456